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‘Cartoon Network Arcade’ Will Bring a Bunch of Games to Mobile in a Single App on March 11th

The folks at Cartoon Network have a treat in store for fans of their many awesome cartoons as they’ll be launching a new app called Cartoon Network Arcade on March 11th filled with all sorts of goodies. First and foremost is a whole bunch of mini-games based off the many characters and shows of Cartoon Network. These will include things like an endless runner based on Steven Universe called Shattered Dreams, a vertical leaper called Smashy Piñata based on Teen Titans GO!, and a Crossy Road-ish game based on The Amazing World of Gumball called Gumball’s Block Party. And that’s just a taste of the games that will be included, and you can see some of them in action in the following trailer for Cartoon Network Arcade.

As you can also see in that trailer, there’s more to Cartoon Network Arcade than just games. There’s also a huge collection aspect where you can unlock and collect more than 60 figures of characters from their stable of shows. You’ll be able to unlock these characters in a number of ways, including some interactive viewing experiences where the app can recognize when you’re watching a Cartoon Network show and unlock a figure for you, or through special event-based activities tied to live on-air events. It sounds like it’ll be some really cool fan service with some fun mobile-centric games to enjoy, so keep an eye out for Cartoon Network Arcade to launch on March 11th.