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‘3EALITY’ is Three Auto-Runners that You Play at the Same Time, Launching Next Week

I certainly enjoy auto-runners, but at this point in the life of mobile gaming it takes something truly unique to stand out from the thousands and thousands of them that have released over the years. Handprint Games is prepping the release of their new auto-runner called 3EALITY and, before I even realized its unique hook, it caught my eye with its boppy soundtrack and colorful art style. The really interesting part about 3EALITY though is that it’s not just ONE runner, it’s THREE runners you play at the same time. Hence the “3" in the title. You can see in the trailer below how this plays out with the screen split into three. As with most runners you can jump and attack enemies, but in 3EALITY every action will affect all three games at the same time, so you need to take that into consideration while playing.

Story-wise, this all makes sense as you’re playing a character named Meta who is part of a rebel alliance in a totalitarian future. You are captured on your way to a rebel meeting, but you have a unique ability to contact “alters" of yourself that exist in alternate realities. So you’re essentially guiding yourself through these dangerous environments to get to the headquarters where you’re being held captive and… rescue yourself, I guess? It’s kind of a trip. While you start out playing all three games simultaneously, if you screw up in one of the games you can actually keep going with two games, and you can screw up in one of those and scale down to playing just a single game. So while it’s hectic it’s also forgiving. It’s a really interesting idea and I’m very curious to see how it actually works in practice when 3EALITY launches this coming Monday the 25th.