‘PAKO Forever’ Getting Three New Maps and Ten New Vehicles in Update Next Week

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Those leafy, branchy folks at Tree Men Games have a nice present up their sleeves for players of their most recent mobile game PAKO Forever (Free). Three brand new maps, ten new vehicles, and even more shenanigans are coming as part of a new update that’s set to release next week. To back things up a bit, Tree Men’s original PAKO – Car Chase Simulator ($1.99) released way back in 2014 and tasked you with driving various types of vehicles around different environments while outrunning the cops and hopefully avoiding crashing into anything. The pedal was always to the metal so you’d control the steering of your vehicle as more and more vicious police pursued you the longer you’d last. This past October they took the basic idea of PAKO and turned it into a “shuffle mode" version of the game called PAKO Forever with randomly generated levels and a huge roster of unlockable vehicles. Here is a trailer for next week’s PAKO Forever update.

If you’ve been reading our website for a while then you’re probably aware I’m a huge fan of the PAKO series. The original received a ton of updates adding in new levels and vehicles and even numerous new features like a third-person chase camera. Then there’s the sequel PAKO 2 ($1.99) which launched on mobile just about a year ago following its initial release on desktop in 2017, and it ramped things up with a Crazy Taxi-esque pick-up-and-deliver mechanic as well as the ability to take damage and have your passengers fight back against the cops. It’s one of my favorite games on any platform and is pretty much guaranteed fun every time I fire it up. What’s so impressive is that all three of the PAKO games have very similar bones but all play and feel quite different from one another, and they’re all games that’ll never ever leave my device. PAKO Forever is also free to play so if you’ve never experienced any of these games before it’s an easy entry point to see what it’s all about without spending any cash. Definitely check it out and look for the new update next week.

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