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Upcoming MMORPG ‘Tales of Wind’ Launching April 30th, Pre-Order and Pre-Registration Live Now

Developer NEOCRAFT has announced a release date and pre-registration campaign for their upcoming mobile MMORPG Tales of Wind. In it you’ll play as one of four different classes, Warrior, Mage, Assassinator, or Cleric, as you travel the land known as Arlesdore seeking out ancient demons known as Calamity Lieges in an effort to rid their evil and bring light back to the world. Tales of Wind takes place in a huge, gorgeous 3D world and utilizes a cool art style that kind of reminds me of the later Dragon Quest games. You can see it in motion in the following trailer.

When you defeat monsters in Tales of Wind, you’ll have the opportunity to seal them into something called a soul card, and then use those cards to “harness their power by transforming the adventurer into the summoned monster and granting them devastatingly powerful skills." The expected multiplayer modes like PvP, PvE, and Guild vs Guild will also be available along with a whole bunch of more leisurely activities, like racing, shooting, quizzes and more. You can also customize your character with tons of different outfits and even forge relationships that can lead to marriage with other players. Oh, and perhaps most importantly, there are also these raccoon-like companions which apparently can grow to enormous sizes and can be mounted and ridden around the game.

Where do I get one of those in real life? If Tales of Wind sounds like your type of thing, then you can pre-register for the game to get yourself some rewards, as is commonplace in games like these. Just head over to the official website to pre-register, and there you can also find more information on the game’s universe, its story, and its characters. In addition to the website pre-registration the game is also available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store for the Android version, and available for pre-order on the App Store for the iOS version. The expected release date is April 30th so get ready for Tales of Wind in about two and a half month’s time.