‘Summoners War’ Gets a Short Film to Celebrate 100m Downloads

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One trend I’m really digging these days in the world of video games is studios with popular games releasing these super elaborate short films that basically exist as ten minutes (or so) of complete fan service. Riot does this all the time on their YouTube channel, most recently releasing the cinematic titled Awakening. Similarly, Blizzard has an entire playlist of shorts they’ve done for Overwatch. Well, Com2uS is also throwing their hat into the ring with the animated short Friends & Rivals, where the world of Summoners War comes to life for seven and a half minutes. Check it out:

Com2uS is really pulling out all the stops here, among the many hands in the proverbial cooking jar in the creation of this short was the creators of The Walking Dead, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and The Angry Birds Movie. They’re calling this the “tip of the iceberg" when it comes to supplemental Summoners War materials. I always like it when we see mobile IP expand outside of the small screen of a phone, because quite often the game universe of mobile stuff isn’t fleshed out much, if at all. Even if you don’t play Summoners War, it’s pretty rad to see something like this come out of it.

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