‘Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam’ Is Finally Available on Android after Launching on iOS a Little while Ago

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We learned about Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam (Free) back in October and it eventually released on the App Store last month after a pre-order period. I had long given up on getting a good skateboarding game on consoles for a while until OlliOlli showed up. OlliOlli actually started out as a mobile game prototype before it became console only. Eli reviewed Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam on iOS and it wasn’t great at launch which was pretty disappointing. It has been updated since then. Watch the trailer for it below:

Given the rocky history of Tony Hawk games on mobile and in general really, it remains to be seen how this game will play out thanks to licensing. Hopefully it does well on Android so it can continue to be improved on going forward. Maybe Eli will finally get the Tony Hawk game he’s always wanted on mobile through updates to this. If you’ve been waiting to check this out on Android, you can finally play it for free. Check it out on Google Play here.

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