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More Grappling Hook Fun Coming to Mobile When ‘Grapple Bear’ Launches February 26th

I’ve been enjoying hooking and swinging my way through the recently released Hang Line (Free), but as any grappling hook game aficionado will tell you, there’s always room for more games with a grappling hook. Enter Grapple Bear from Bright Hand Studio aka developer Daniel Prokisch. As the name implies, you play as a bear with a grappling hook, which is pretty much all I needed to hear to be interested. You’ll hook and swing your bear around using your momentum to negotiate hazard-filled levels which are all colorful and hand-drawn, while jaunty tunes play in the background. Check out how darn charming Grapple Bear looks in the following trailer.

Currently there are 24 levels to swing through in Grapple Bear, and once you complete a level you can actually go back and race your own “ghost bear" in order to try and top your best time. You might already be familiar with Bright Hand Studio from last year’s somewhat clunky but really unique dungeon crawler DamCell: Princess Run ($2.99), and I think Grapple Bear has the potential to be another one of those quirky diamonds in the rough. Like DamCell this will be a premium release with no IAP and you can currently pre-order Grapple Bear on the App Store for $1.99. If you don’t go the pre-ordering route, look for this one to arrive in just over a month on February 26th.