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‘Boost Buddies’ is a Twitchy Arcade Game from the Maker of ‘Cat Bird’, Coming February 14th

One of our favorite games of 2017 was the adorable flappy platformer Cat Bird (Free) from developer Raiyumi aka Ryan Carag. It had some incredible pixel art, solid mechanics, and a level of polish that you don’t typically see from a solo developer’s first release. After adding a big update to Cat Bird in the fall of 2017 we haven’t heard anything more from Raiyumi, but this week that long silence was broken as he’s announced his next release. It’s called Boost Buddies and it’s a twitchy arcade game that’s all about boosting yourself past a number of tricky obstacles in order to collect crowns. Simply tap to boost a small amount, kind of flappy-style, and time your boosts so as not to run into any of the bad things that are trying to kill you. It’s A LOT trickier than it sounds, check out the trailer.

The main mode in Boost Buddies has you trying to beat a random set of those hazards that get more difficult and deadly the longer you play. You can also play each type of hazard as an individual level to sort of practice the types of things you’ll be up against in the main mode. You’ll need to collect a crown on each level to move onto the next and you gain experience and level up your character as you play, which unlocks different types of stat boosts. There’s also gold you can earn through completing missions, as free gifts, and by simply collecting it if it appears in a level. For 100 coins you can randomly unlock a new playable character, of which there are many, and yes Cat Bird is most definitely in that roster. Boost Buddies will be free with ads and a one-time IAP to remove them, and it’ll be launching on February 14th. Fans of great one-handed mobile games mark your calendars.