Mobile Entry in ‘Langrisser’ Strategy RPG Franchise Is Now Available On iOS And Android

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Langrisser (Free) is a strategy RPG series that I wasn’t really familiar with until it had a 3DS entry that wasn’t well received at all. This made me look a bit deeper into the franchise to finally see why people enjoyed the games. While I’m still going to wait for the remasters that are set to arrive on Switch and PS4 this year to properly experience the traditional entries, the mobile entry has been interesting to see pre release. Watch the trailer for it below:

Langrisser on iOS and Android is free to play as expected and it has a new chapter related to the Legendary Sword and will feature classic turn based SRPG combat. This entry will also have 300 classic battles featuring fan favourite characters bringing loads of fan service (no not that kind) to the fray. Pre-registrations were on since earlier this month giving players with multiple rewards thanks to the tiers being achieved for the pre release campaign.

Langrisser has finally arrived on iOS and Android for free today and you can download it now. Check it out on the App Store or on Google Play. Are you interested in checking out the mobile entry in this long running franchise?

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