‘PAKO Forever’ Gets New Woods Environment and New Vehicles

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Back in October developer Tree Men Games released PAKO Forever (Free), which was kind of like a “jukebox on shuffle" take on their original PAKO – Car Chase Simulator ($1.99). Whereas the original PAKO would let you choose from a variety of pre-designed arena-style levels, PAKO Forever began each run with a randomly generated layout that just went on and on forever. It also included a variety of cool power-ups which you could collect and use while you played as well as interesting random events that would take place around the map. The goal in both games is to outrun the police for as long as possible without crashing into anything, but PAKO Forever offers a more pick-up-and-play experience with its random levels and huge variety of cars to unlock and play as, each driving quite differently from one another. It also can be played in landscape orientation or one-handed portrait orientation, and changes on the fly. Here’s the PAKO Forever trailer so you can get an idea of what it’s like if you’re unfamiliar.

Just prior to Christmas last month, an update arrived for PAKO Forever that added a snowy version of its regular “Mall" environment that the game would create its levels from, as well as a handful of new vehicles. It was cool to play with snow all over the ground and falling from the sky given the season, but it wasn’t dramatically different from the normal Mall level. Well today another update has arrived that adds a truly new “Woods" environment which features trees and rocks and the types of obstacles you’d expect to find in the woods. This update also adds another handful of new cars including a TV news van and a pizza delivery vehicle with a huge slice of pizza on its roof. Yummy! The remarkable thing about PAKO Forever is that, despite being a reworked version of the original game, it still feels like a different enough experience to be its own thing and I enjoy playing both versions (as well as the phenomenal sequel PAKO 2 ($1.99)) all the time. It’s totally free to download and play with a simple ad-removal IAP so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be playing it right this second.

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