‘PUBG Mobile’ Is Getting a PvE Monster Battling Mode for the Chinese New Year?

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While PUBG on PC and consoles is still a fairly serious game, it’d seem on mobile that these kind of battle royale titles are all about retaining players via all sorts of zany additions, new arcade modes, and more. The PUBG Mobile (Free) YouTube rumor mill is on fire this morning with what seems to be a new PvE mode being added, in the Chinese client, for the upcoming Chinese New Year. In this mode, by activating statues place around the map, players let loose on a variety of different monsters who then explode like loot piñatas. Makes sense, right?

The PUBG Mobile scene doesn’t believe this mode will be making an appearance outside of China, but I suppose it all comes down to how popular it turns out to be. If killing monsters in PUBG is super popular in China, it’d seem pretty weird for it not to show up in the rest of the world. As someone who plays a lot of the PC version, I’d personally be really curious to see how the PC community would react to something like this showing up. Now that would be interesting.


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