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‘Galaxy Stack’ is a Blend of Tower Stacking and ‘Space Invaders’ Coming January 16th from Crescent Moon

We’re officially into 2019 and as always prolific developer and publisher Crescent Moon Games has tons of stuff in store for this year. Kicking things off is a new game that’s a collaboration with developer Ian Crail who, at the tender age of just 17 years old, is working on something called Galaxy Stack which Crescent Moon will be publishing later this month. The game is a clever blend of tower-stacking and vertical shoot ’em up as you’ll blast down enemies and as you do their recked hull of a ship will crash down and add to the stack growing beneath you, with your goal being to stack those spaceship corpses as high as possible. Check out a brief video of the gameplay in Galaxy Stack to see what it’s like in action.

Galaxy Stack will feature five different playable ships that each have their own unique weaponry, as well as an increasing difficult the further up you travel and four different bosses to square off against along the way. The game is scheduled to launch on January 16th for $1.99 but it’s up for pre-order right now at a discounted price of just 99¢. You can click on this link to pre-order on the iOS App Store, and you can click on this link to pre-register on the Google Play Store for the Android version. If you aren’t the pre-ordering type then look for Galaxy Stack to arrive in the App Store in just a couple of weeks.