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‘King Crusher’ is a New Sliding Puzzle RPG from the Makers of ‘Drag’n’Boom’, Coming January 9th

Following popular releases like Drag’n’Boom, Cosmobot, and Tactile Wars, developer Ankama has a new game in the works that looks particularly awesome. It’s called King Crusher, and it’s described as “a sliding puzzle action/adventure game that uses classic roguelike and RPG mechanics in an original way to offer you dynamic and strategic gameplay." You play as a King who isn’t content with being the King of just ONE kingdom, but wants to be the King of the ENTIRE WORLD. You’ll direct a cast of troops in battle against increasingly difficult enemies sent by rival kingdoms to ensure your King becomes the ruler of all. Check out the trailer for King Crusher.

One thing that stood out to me in the above trailer is just how fantastic the animations are for all the characters in the game. There’s also a tremendous number of cool looking attack types and lots of evil enemies to battle against. Your troops will be comprised of a group picked from twelve different classes, and the game will include three game modes, one of which is a daily challenge mode that sees you playing a shared adventure against all the other players in the world. I’m definitely interested in seeing how the actual “slide puzzle" gameplay works, but overall King Crusher is pushing all my buttons for things I like in a mobile game. It’ll be arriving on both iOS and Android on January 9th and I’m excited to check it out.