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‘The Unic’ is a New Pattern Recognition Game Being Teased from the Makers of ‘Swim Out’

In August of last year developer Lozange Lab released one of the finest logic puzzlers to grace the App Store with Swim Out ($2.99), a game with a tremendous mid-century style that had you trying to swim through a pool while avoiding all sorts of different hazards. We enjoyed Swim Out a lot in our review and picked it as one of our Best Games of 2017, and have been eager to see what Lozange Lab would get into next. Well now we know, or at least we have a very brief tease of their next project which is called The Unic. It’s described as “an observation game dedicated to pattern and design lovers" and this is a quick glimpse of it.

See I wasn’t kidding, that’s a real quick tease, ain’t it? Here’s a bit more of a description from the developers themselves: “For those of you who heard about us last year with our puzzle game Swim Out, let’s say we definitely get out of the swimming pool, looked our itsy-bitsy polka dots bikini and had a vision of a very different kind of game. A bit less brain-teasing but much more eye-teasing, our upcoming game, The Unic, is an observation game which should thrill any pattern and design lover. Whether you know what polka dots, tartan, argyle or gingham are, get ready to enjoy yourself in our next fresh, highly colored and delicately crafted new creation!" The Unic is planned for a Q1 2019 release, and hopefully we’ll be getting some more details about it ahead of that release.