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‘BLASK’ is a Super Unique Laser Puzzler Coming Next Month

Laser puzzles are one of the oldest types of puzzle games on mobile. You know the type I mean. You arrange various objects, typically mirrors, in such a way so as to bounce a laser beam from its origin point to an end point placed somewhere else in the level. The genre was popular in the early days of mobile because the touchscreen was great for placing the mirrors around just how you needed them in a level, and because that type of puzzler doesn’t really require complicated visuals making it a great entry point for budding mobile developers. Ah yes, laser puzzlers, I have a special soft spot for you. But I have never seen a laser puzzler quite like BLASK from developer SmallBigSquare. Check out the trailer and you’ll see what I mean.

So the twist with BLASK is that you’re actually moving giant puzzle pieces that are filled with lasers and trying to combine them with other puzzle pieces filled with lasers in a way that makes all the lasers line up properly to complete a level. I almost want to say it’s like a Tangrams take on the laser puzzler, even though that’s not totally accurate. You throw in some multiple colors of lasers and some additional factors like teleporters and BLASK looks like it’ll be an intricate and challenging puzzler. The game will be coming to iOS and Steam on January 15th, with an Android version following sometime after, and it’ll set you back $1.99 on mobile and $2.99 on Steam. You can pre-order the game on iOS here or wishlist it on Steam here, and I’ll defintely be looking forward to BLASK when it arrives next month.