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‘Tropico’ for iPad Shown off Running on iPad Pro by Feral Interactive

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Ever since Feral Interactive revealed the iPad version of Tropico ($11.99), we’ve slowly seen and learned more of the port. The iPad game will have an interesting overlay for the interface when it launches. As we inch closer to release next week, Feral Interactive has showcased it running on and iPad Pro. This new iPad Pro gameplay video can be viewed below:

If you missed the device requirements, Tropico will support iPad (5th generation), iPad (6th generation), iPad Pro (1st generation both sizes), iPad Pro (2nd generation both sizes), and iPad Pro (3rd generation both sizes). I sadly won’t be able to play it on my main iPad which is still the trusty old Air 2. It will need about 2.5GB of space going by the App Store listing.

Tropico will cost $11.99 when it releases next week on December 18th for iPad. It is also coming to iPhone in 2019 but there’s no word on iPhone device support yet. Tropico is a fully premium release with no in app purchases. Pre-order it on the App Store here.

Updated: Replaced screenshot with one from a new build.

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