Tomorrow Corporation’s ‘7 Billion Humans’ Now Available

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This past January Tomorrow Corporation announced their new game called 7 Billion Humans, which was a sequel of sorts to their well-received programming-based puzzler Human Resource Machine ($4.99). At the time of that announcement, 7 Billion Humans was only officially slated to come to desktop and Nintendo Switch, but as Tomorrow Corporation fans know all too well their previous catalog of games has also always eventually ended up on mobile and they translate extremely well to the touchscreen. The aforementioned Human Resource Machine, Little Inferno ($4.99), and World of Goo ($4.99) are all what I’d consider classics on mobile. Surely they wouldn’t be leaving 7 Billion Humans out in the cold, right? That’s right! As promised just last week 7 Billion Humans ($4.99) is now available on the App Store. These two trailers sum up the vibe of the game perfectly.

Similar to Human Resource Machine, the gameplay in 7 Billion Humans revolves around programming-based puzzles, and like its predecessor it’ll twist your brain in knots real good. In fact, our own forum member Son of Anarchy sums it up so well I’ll just quote his description right here: “Each new level in this game is the equivalent of unscrewing the top of your head and casually inviting someone to toss a hand grenade inside and it feels great. Having your mind intellectually blown shouldn’t be so much fun, but it is. I’m already getting worried that I won’t be smart enough to reach the end." Trust me, I felt the same about Human Resource Machine in regards to not being smart enough, but I promise that all it takes is perseverance and some good old-fashioned ingenuity to succeed. And I can also promise that on more than one occasion you’ll feel genuine delight at just how clever some of these puzzle solutions are. So if you were a fan of Human Resource Machine and wanted BIGGER, BETTER, MORE, or you just love yourself some incredibly cerebral puzzling, then 7 Billion Humans should be right up your alley.

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