Light-Based 3D Platformer ‘Candleman’ Gets Final Set of Levels in Latest Update

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In March of this year, Spotlightor Interactive’s atmospheric 3D platformer Candleman ($4.99) made its way to iOS courtesy of CMGE. Its main gimmick was that you played as a candle who could light its own wick which would provide light to dark areas and was needed to solve various puzzles you’d encounter during your journey. The catch was that your wick would only last for ten seconds of total lit time for each level, so the trick was to be as conservative as possible when using it so as not to run out. The game had been well-received on consoles and PC prior to the iOS release, and its simplistic control scheme translated really well to the touchscreen port. We enjoyed Candleman on iOS enough to give it our Game of the Week nod when it released.

One oddity of the iOS version of Candleman was that it released with only about a third of the levels that were available on other platforms, with those additional levels supposedly coming sometime in the future. I wasn’t really sure why they’d done a split release like that, but given how cheap the game was on iOS compared to other platforms I figured they’d charge for the additional levels when they became available, and since those levels were already finished and released on other platforms I wasn’t worried about them just never showing up as is sometimes the case with other episodic releases. The following July an update arrived adding in the next portion of the game which spanned 3 chapters with 12 new levels total. To my surprise they were part of a free update. And now several months after that, another update has arrived with another set of 3 chapter and 12 new levels that finally represent the finished and complete story of Candleman.

Again, I’m not really sure why this was a staggered release the way that it was, but I’m glad that the entire game has finally made its way to mobile, and for free to boot. As an aside, this update actually came out last week, but I wasn’t aware of it because iOS’s archive feature had actually deleted the game from my phone due to its size. I actually love that feature in general as it intelligently manages your storage and deletes big apps you haven’t used in a while while still retaining all the save data, but the side effect is that updates for those archived games don’t show up in the App Store. But better late than never! The iOS version of Candleman is actually on sale for just $2.99 right now, and with this latest update that price will land you the entire game, so now is a good time to check it out if you haven’t already.

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