After More than 3 Years, Zach Gage’s Wonderful ‘Sage Solitaire’ Gets a Huge Version 2.0 Update

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Developer Zach Gage is known for taking tried and true gameplay mechanics and turning them on their head with various twists to provide a completely fresh experience. That’s what he did with his variant on Poker and Solitaire back in the summer of 2015 when he released Sage Solitaire (Free) to the App Store. Wow, has it really been more than three years since Sage Solitaire released? It seems like only yesterday. Anyway, today Mr. Gage has released a brand new update for the game, its first since 2015, that adds in new content and refreshes the game for today’s modern iOS devices. The big new feature is the addition of Instant Tournaments, which you may recognize from Gage’s most recent release Pocket Run Pool (Free). Basically you’ll attempt to get the best score possible on a specific deal, and everyone else in the world gets to play that same deal too and you can see how you stack up against the competition.

The Instant Tournament also introduces a cool new scoring mechanic called the 5 Card Bonus. Here’s an explanation of it straight from the developer’s post in our forums: “Every time you make a hand, your bonus goes up, and every time you trash a card it resets. The bonus only gets applied when you make a 5 Card Hand (or a 4 of a kind), so you’ll want to keep the hands constant and the trashes to a minimum. It adds a good amount of risk/reward to the game and pushes you towards doing sub-optimal things (like mixing flushes and straights in the same game)." If you need even more reason to check out Sage Solitaire (besides it being a Zach Gage game which should be reason enough itself) then check out our original 5 star review and our Game of the Week write-up from when the game released in 2015. In addition to the new content this update also brings support for the iPhone X models and new iPads. Honestly I’m so busy I’m not sure I can handle being sucked into the amazingness that is Sage Solitaire again, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely over the moon to see such an unexpected update to one of my all-time favorites.

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