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‘.Connect.’ is a Clever New Puzzler from the Creator of ‘Twins: Brotherhood’ that’s Launching Next Week

We’re fans of the stuff developer Kishor Berde puts out in the App Store, like last year’s brain-busting dual-platformer Twins: Brotherhood ($0.99) or the incredibly unique augmented reality puzzler MovE ($1.99) this past June. Now he’s got something new cooking for next month and it’s a colorful new puzzle game called .Connect. The concept is simple, you have a board with pieces that each have a colored dot on them. Your goal is to group all the pieces together in a way that makes all dots of the same color connected to one another. It’s not a match-3 or even a match-4, as the game’s own tagline says “Two blocks or Twenty, connect them all!"

As you can see in the trailer, .Connect looks like a serious workout for the ol’ brain, and there’s plenty of different types of pieces and other variables at play to make your connecting all the more difficult over the course of the game’s whopping 170+ levels. The game also features two different modes. Brain mode is for those who want to complete a level as efficiently as possible by counting every single move you make, and Relax mode doesn’t care about the number of moves it just lets you solve each puzzle at your own pace. I really love the concept as well as the clean, almost cartoony look of .Connect, and if you do too then you can click this link here to pre-order the game in the App Store ahead of its normal release which is slated for next week on December 6th.