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Top-Down Shooter ‘Clockwork Damage’ Launching Worldwide this Week

With the awesome work that 10tons has done on mobile over the years, we are flush for options when it comes to great top-down shooters for our iOS devices. That being said, I’d never say no to even MORE awesome top-down shooters. Enter HAIL Studios and their forthcoming entry called Clockwork Damage. It has a steampunk style, RPG leveling mechanics, and more than 40 levels to plow through mowing down enemies from all sides. The trailer makes it look pretty cool, check it out.

Clockwork Damage has been in open beta on Google Play for quite a while, and based on the reviews over there it seems people have been enjoying it so far. In contrast to the stuff 10tons has put out, this is a very free to play game. I don’t mean that as a negative really, as Clockwork Damage will have a much longer term progression cycle and flow of updates, as well as things like live events. They’re two different beasts, really. But if you’re into the free to play style of game and want a great looking top-down shooter, there’s no reason not to check out the worldwide launch of Clockwork Damage tomorrow.