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Slick Minimalist Puzzler ‘Kolumno’ Launching November 15th

It’s only getting harder to come up with mechanics for games that haven’t been done before, but I can say I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like the upcoming Kolumno from DevlishGames. The idea is that you have a rotating column with a ball sitting on top, and you want to get that ball to roll down the side of the column and into a hole on the floor below. The problem is that in each level the column will be adorned with various blockades, and you’ll need to use a mixture of expert timing and help from special abilities in order to move past them and into the goal. It’s definitely more of an action-style puzzler, and is one of those games that’s easier to understand just by seeing it in action.

As you can see, you’ll need to do things like stop in mid-air until you have a clear path through, speed up your falling to scrape though an opening, make your ball smaller to squeeze through a tiny opening, or just straight up smash any of the barriers on the column that get in your way. These abilities along with your reflexes will help you get through the 75 levels in Kolumno. In addition to iOS and Android, you can also get Kolumno on Steam for desktop, and it’ll be launching on all platforms later this month on November 15th.