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‘Idle Skies’ is a Clicker About the History of Aviation that’s Looking for Beta Testers

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the folks at Crimson Pine Games, makers of great stuff like Drifty Chase (Free) and Bubblegum Hero (Free), but they’re gearing up to release their next title and are looking for a bit of help before it hits. The new game is called Idle Skies and it’s one of those idle clicker games like Doomsday Clicker or Adventure Capitalist but one that recounts the history of aviation. Yes, while you’re tapping away and unlocking upgrades you MIGHT actually learn something along the way. It looks like a really high quality effort with great graphical models and animation in the following teaser trailer.

Idle Skies is actually pretty much complete and even is already on the App Store with a pre-order page and an expected release date of October 24th. But! Crimson Pine is hoping to get some last minute beta testers on board just to make sure any issues are ironed out before the game’s full release. If you’re interested in being one of those testers and you’re on an iOS device, you can use Apple’s fancy new public Testflight link functionality to grab the beta version by clicking this link here. If you’re on Android, you can grab the early version on the Google Play Store here. Otherwise head over to the forum thread for some discussion and look for the official release of Idle Skies in just a couple of weeks.