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Stand Your Ground and Fight when ‘Hordes of Enemies’ Launches Next Week

If you’re the type who likes to stand your ground and fight off incoming threats, you’ll likely enjoy Pixel Envision’s latest project called Hordes of Enemies. The game has you taking on, yes, hordes of enemies as they approach from both sides of the screen and you’ll need to use your quick reflexes to fend them off from the left and the right. There have been a lot of games using this sort of setup, and I don’t know if it officially has a genre name already, but I’m going to call them “stationary brawlers." That has a nice ring to it I think. Check out the lovely visuals and gameplay of Hordes of Enemies in this trailer.

What’s cool about Hordes of Enemies is it comes with three different themes. You can be a samurai fighting off a bunch of ninjas with your sword, a bad ass lady fighting off zombies during a zombie apocalypse, or a totally not Neo from The Matrix fighting off totally not a bunch of Agent Smiths. Actually Pixel Envision admits the entire game was inspired from that scene in The Matrix, so it seems fitting to have an homage to it included. What’s also cool is that Hordes of Enemies is completely free to play and initially comes with one of the scenes unlocked. To unlock the other two you can reach certain score requirements playing the game or you can fast-track your way there by buying them as IAP. Hordes of Enemies launches next week on October 3rd and is up for pre-order right now.