Chaotic Getaway Simulator ‘PAKO 2’ Updated with New Suburbia Level, New Vehicles, and New Chase Camera

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Tree Men Games made my day when they brought their chaotically fun getaway simulator PAKO 2 ($1.99) to iOS earlier this year, and then just last week they made my day again by going back to the original PAKO – Car Chase Simulator and giving it a refresh with a new update that added in iPhone X support. And those guys are apparently not done making my day as this week they’ve bounced back to the sequel with a new update for PAKO 2 that adds in a whole new environment called Suburbia, three new cars, and a cool new chase camera view option. Check it all out in this slick new trailer.

You might remember a few years back when the original PAKO received an update with that chase cam option, and like in that game the new view in PAKO 2 almost makes it feel like a completely different game. I can’t say enough good things about PAKO 2, it’s just like a concentrated dose of fun every time I fire it up. That was true of the initial version that released back in January, when we picked it as our Game of the Week, but since then there has been a big update in April and one in June that both added new levels, vehicles, and features to the game. With this week’s update it looks like PAKO 2 is just going to continue getting better and better.

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