‘Dragalia Lost’ Is Finally Playable on iOS and Android With the Servers Now Live

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After going up for pre-order a while ago and then releasing for everyone to download on the App Store and Google Play, Dragalia Lost (Free) service has finally begun with the servers now live. Dragalia Lost is a mobile exclusive action RPG from both Nintendo and Cygames. Hopefully this does well (it likely will) so Cygames sees some value in releasing the beyond popular Granblue Fantasty outside Japan on mobile platforms.

Dragalia Lost is a swipe controlled RPG. There is dragon morphing and loads of hooks and social aspects for you to play with. 8-4 Play is also involved in the game localisation which is always a great sign. They do fantastic localisation work on Japanese games for release in the West. Get ready for the world of Alberia with the video below:

For whatever reason, if you expected this to be a pay once to unlock game like Super Mario Run, think again. This is a free to play social RPG in its truest form going by the footage so far. I’m not surprised because while the monetisation model for Super Mario Run is great, the game itself was pretty boring for me. I had a lot more fun in Fire Emblem Heroes. The market also agrees with that. Nintendo’s and Cygames’ Dragalia Lost is finally available to play on iOS and Android so get ready to start re rolling. If you’re on Android, you need to download a lot of data from within the game so keep that in mind.

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