‘Skullgirls Mobile’ Version 2.6 Update Arrives Brining New Fighter Ms. Fortune and More

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A couple of weeks ago we detailed a forthcoming update to Hidden Variable’s wonderful mobile fighter Skullgirls Mobile (Free) that featured some exclusive first footage of a highly-anticipated new character in action: Ms. Fortune. And now today we can all experience the sublime pleasure of ripping your own head off and having it fight alongside you as the version 2.6 update for Skullgirls Mobile has arrived in the App Store with Ms. Fortune and many other new features in tow. As alluded to, Ms. Fortune is a unique character in the world of Skullgirls Mobile as you can choose to detach her head and a new set of additional controls will slide onto the screen allowing you to control many of the head’s actions while continuing to control the headless body as your main character. It’s friggin’ awesome! Below is a video showing how Ms. Fortune plays with her head attached, followed by a video of her being played with the detached head as a little companion.

In addition to the main attraction that is Ms. Fortune, version 2.6 of Skullgirls Mobile features a bunch of other new things too. First up is support for Apple’s latest iPhone XS models, which is always nice. You can also upgrade your storage room for your collection so you can amass even more fighters and moves, and when you do spend your existing fighters to power-up another fighter you’ll get more XP credit for those spent fighters related to how much they were leveled up rather than just the flat rate of XP you’d get before. Finally there are a bunch of new moves for many of the existing fighters in the game as well as a multitude of fixes and tweaks, and if you want the full nitty gritty on today’s update check out this post in the official Skullgirls Mobile forums and head on over to the App Store to grab the update now.

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