New Free ‘Meteorfall: Journey’ Update Adds Demon Difficulty Mode, New Cards, and More

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Back in January developer Slothwerks released a novel take on the deck-building card game genre in Meteorfall: Journey ($3.99). Whereas most of the App Store’s card-based games are competitive battlers, Meteorfall was a take on a single-player roguelike RPG that you just happened to play using a deck of cards. The concept worked beautifully and we loved Meteorfall in our review. Then in May the pot got sweetened even further with a big free update that added in the Necrodude character class, a bunch of new cards, and more. Now Slothwerks has just released the second big free update for Meteorfall dubbed the Demon Update.

As the name implies, this update’s major new feature is a new Demon difficulty that unlocks once you’ve beaten the game. Attempting the Demon difficulty adds in some additional incremental challenges to the game, and should you beat that initial Demon difficulty you’ll then unlock the next tier of Demon difficulty, which adds even more challenges to the game that PILE ON TOP OF all the ones added in previously. So basically the further you progress through Demon difficulty the more and more the difficulties begin to pile up, making for a challenge to even the best of the best Meteorfall players.

The Demon Update also includes 5 new demonic enemies as well as 2 new quests and 18 new cards, and again this update is completely free for owners of the game. There’s even more in terms of balance adjustments, bug fixes, and more in this update, and if you want the whole enchilada of what’s new you can check out the extensive release notes here. Meteorfall is definitely one of the more unique and entertaining games released this year, and it only seems to be getting better with the previous Necrodude update as well as this latest Demon Update which is available in the game right now.

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