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Hey Shoot ’em Up Fans, ‘Pocket Invader’ is an Upcoming Shooter that’s Looking for Beta Testers

One of the genres that I think translates especially well to the touchscreens of mobile devices is the scrolling shoot ’em up. Even the genre’s roots in arcades often utilized an elongated screen which looks an awful lot like the shape of a smartphone or tablet screen, and directly controlling a little ship by sliding your thumb around the screen is a perfect control mechanism, and in some instances can even be better than actual physical joysticks and buttons. So it should go without saying that I’m a big fan of shooters on mobile, and as such I’m always on the lookout for new ones. One that caught my eye recently is called Pocket Invader from developer Eageron, and this is what it looks like.

Are you also a shooter fan that likes the way Pocket Invader looks? Well good news, as the developers are looking for beta testers prior to launching the game. If you’re an iOS user you can swing by the game’s forum thread to drop your email and get in on the Testfligtht beta. If you’re an Android user it’s a bit simpler as you can just download the beta version from the Google Play Store right now. Easy peasy! The comments from beta testers so far have been quite positive and I’ve really enjoyed Eageron’s previous titles, especially Ninja Scroller (Free), so I’m feeling confident Pocket Invader will be another winner. We’ll keep our ear to the ground about an official release date but in the meantime check out the beta test for an early taste of the game.