‘Disc Drivin’ 2′ Launches on Android with Cross-Platform Play, In-Game Chat Added Too

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One of our favorite pastimes around the old TouchArcade virtual offices is flicking discs around a track in Pixelocity Software’s incredible Disc Drivin’ games. The original launched all the way back in December of 2010 and captured our hearts with its nifty turn-based racing that saw you taking turns flicking a disc around a track against players online. It became something of a cult hit, and earlier this year Pixelocity brought a long-awaited sequel Disc Drivin’ 2 (Free) to iOS which improved upon the original and added in a bunch of new features. We loved it in our review. The number one request since that iOS release in February was for an Android version, and now the developers have obliged by launching Disc Drivin’ 2 on the Google Play Store this week.

So, what was the number two request behind creating an Android version? Well, in-game chat of course! The original featured this and it was always a nice, if a little clunky, way to interact with and chat with the people you were playing against. The sequel forewent actual chat for an emoji-based chat system which was fine but wasn’t quite the same. So alongside the Android release Pixelocity has also updated the iOS version of Disc Drivin’ 2 with a full in-game chat feature. Perhaps best of all out of all this news? The iOS versions and Android versions work together so that you can play people online cross-platform, and something tells me there will be a major uptick in possible players online with the Android version now out in the wild. So no matter which is your smartphone platform of choice, check out Disc Drivin’ 2 for some of the best turn-based fun on mobile.

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