This Chinese ‘Fortnite’ Ad is Awesome

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My favorite kind of video game ads are the ones that do a great job of blending the real world and gameplay, this is a hard balance to hit to not come off corny. Well, Fortnite (Free), the game that apparently can do no wrong, just released one heck of an awesome ad in China. I can’t find a link to any “official" video, all sorts of people are just reposting it, so I’m just embedding the version I saw first:


With Fortnite slowly drizzling out to different Android platforms, the game is on the verge of absolutely exploding in Asia. Android support seems to be what gave PUBG (Free) such a massive advantage initially on mobile, but I have a feeling that is all going to go up in smoke as soon as Epic gets the game to the point that mid-tier Android devices can play it. Now we just need some dang controller support already. 

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