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Upcoming Metroidvania-Style Platformer ‘Into the Abyss’ Looks Promising

I welcome any and all platformers to the App Store, and it feels like we’re especially in need of true, open-world “Metroidvania" style platformers. Developer Noe Kintaro wants to take a stab at the genre and has been dutifully working on a new platformer called Into the Abyss for at least the past couple of months. You’ll play as main character Rose as she searches through one big, open-ended city searching for answers that will help explain the nightmares she’s been having. Into the Abyss is still in progress and the developer has been making short little clips of it showing off various features. Individually they’re brief, but watch them all together and you can get a good idea of what Into the Abyss will be like.

You can see that over the course of the past couple of months between the first video and the last that Into the Abyss continues to improve and looks pretty promising. You can find lots of comments as well as developer interaction in the thread in our forums. Originally the developer was pegging the first half of September for release but it’s not clear if that timeframe is still on track or not, but either way Into the Abyss looks like one to keep an eye on and we’ll bring you any further news as we get it.