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‘Golfing Around’ is the Simplistic Golfing Game from the Makers of ‘Board 2 Death’

Colin Lane, who likely needs no introduction around these parts but is responsible for such hits as Wrassling (Free) and Dunkers (Free), is partnering up with Matthew Barrie for the second time following their previous collaboration Board 2 Death ($1.99). Their new project is called Golfing Around and it aims to include all of the features you’d find in a full-blown golf sim but simplified and easy to digest even for those who don’t know a wedge from a driver. The game will always recommend the correct club for you to use and show its range on the course, but there’s also an overpower mechanic and the ability to curve your shots for more skilled players to utilize. Here’s a trailer for Golfing Around so you can see it in action.

Golfing Around will feature three 9-hole courses to play through, but will also feature a hole editor so that players can create and upload their very own creations for the world to play. The release date has been set for August 30th and like all of Lane’s games it’ll be free with in-app purchases, most likely an ad removal option or something along those lines. If you’re the pre-ordering type you can click on this link on an iOS 11 device to pre-order the game in the App Store ahead of its launch, otherwise check out Golfing Around the regular way when it arrives next week.