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RWBY is Getting a Mobile Game, With ‘RWBY: Amity Arena’ Pre-Registration Starting Now

Alright, strap in as this one is going to require a bit of an explainer. Rooster Teeth is an online video portal filled with different gaming shows and other gamer-relevant stuff. I feel like I see people talking about Funhaus the most, but that could just be a product of my online social circle. Outside of gamer content, they’ve also got a bunch of anime content, with the most popular series being RWBY (pronounced “Ruby"). RWBY kicked off in 2013, and is now five seasons deep. The series focuses on a cast of young characters training to become Huntsmen and Huntresses, set in the land of Remnant, where they are trying to protect the world from an array of monsters called the Grimm. As far as modern anime series are concerned, RWBY seems to be one of the more popular ones, particularly in Western markets. Basically, it’s yet another cool entertainment property in a world that’s absolutely flooded with rad things to watch online for free.

Anyway, RWBY is getting a mobile game titled RWBY: Amity Arena which is currently up for pre-registration. Gameplay looks a lot like Clash Royale (Free), which isn’t necessarily the worst thing as Clash Royale is one heck of a good game. The strategy surrounding reskinning popular games with super hot IPs like RWBY has been pretty solid on the App Store, as folks who might not really care about Clash Royale but really care about RWBY will likely get super sucked into RWBY: Amity Arena.

The developers, NHN Entertainment, isn’t getting any more specific on the release date of RWBY: Amity Arena beyond just “Fall 2018," but it stands to reason that the game will follow a pretty standard release schedule of soft launching into more and more territories before it’s just available everywhere inside of the next few months. Even if you don’t care about another Clash Royale riff, it’s worth checking out the RWBY series on Rooster Teeth. If you also don’t care for anime, well, I guess just watch this instead: