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PikPok Announces ‘Kung Fu Clicker’, an Idle Fighting Game in the Style of ‘Dungeon, Inc’

In May of last year, PikPok released their unique dungeon building idle clicker mashup Dungeon, Inc. (Free), a game that featured one of the best trailer songs I’ve ever heard. “Dungeon, Inc is the BEEEESSSSSST!" Anyway, PikPok is back at it again this year with partner Altitude Games for a similar hybrid approach, but this time delving into the world of martial arts. Kung Fu Clicker will have you building up dojos, training new recruits, managing teams of fighters, and then kicking some butt as you defend your turf from the evil Shadow Fang gang. Based on the trailer it looks like it will have quite a bit in common with Dungeon, Inc. only with a whole heck of a lot more kung fu.

That trailer song isn’t quite as good as Dungeon, Inc. but it’s still very good. Unfortunately there’s really no other information about Kung Fu Clicker other than the tiny bits I’ve already mentioned. PikPok says you can follow along with their official Facebook page or their Twitter account to hear updates on Kung Fu Clicker, and if you want to get even more specific than that there’s a Kung Fu Clicker Facebook community page you can join for announcements, giveaways, and other such stuff. We do know that Kung Fu Clicker is due sometime in September, so if you’re among the many who loved Dungeon, Inc. and you’re looking for a new fix then I’d keep an eye out for this one next month.

CORRECTION: This article originally stated that PikPok and Altitude had created Dungeon, Inc together when in fact that was developed solely by PikPok and the partnership with Altitude is new for Kung Fu Clicker. We apologize for the error and have edited the text above to reflect this.