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‘BimbleBorn’ is a Cute, Relaxing Adventure with No Consequences that’s Launching Next Week

Some people love those super hardcore, super difficult games like Dark Souls or Super Meat Boy. Games where you’re thrown to the wolves and die over and over only to come right back to do it all again. And some people… don’t love those games! Some people just want a game where you can relax, explore an interesting world, and have a little adventure without all the pain and suffering. That’s exactly what solo developer Matt Jogela-Hall hopes to provide with his upcoming game BimbleBorn. By definition bimble means to walk or travel at a leisurely pace, and BimbleBorn is all about just cruising around a charming world, talking to the folks who inhabit it, collecting items, taking on the occasional quest, and basically just stumbling upon adventure at your own pace. Check out the trailer.

BimbleBorn will feature an open world with 12 different locations to explore as you see fit, and two main storylines to complete. And no matter how you tackle exploring the world, you’ll always be able to collect all items and complete the main storylines so there’s no possibility of getting stuck. There are 27 different NPCs to meet along the way, with more than 200 lines of dialogue to help add personality to the characters and to help guide you on your quests. Controls are also extremely simplified with a tap to move and tap to interact control scheme, and the game can be played in either landscape or portrait and switches on the fly. Also it’ll be a paid game at $1.99 with no IAP and no internet connection requirements. So if a lighthearted, no pressure adventure sounds like your cup of tea, look for BimbleBorn to hit the App Store next Wednesday, July 18th.