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‘Rowdy Wrestling’ is the ‘Wrassling’ Spiritual Sequel from the ‘Golf Zero’ Developers

Are you ready for some more wacky wrestling? I hope so, because the deadly tag team of Colin Lane and Brad Erkkila are here to body slam you into the ground with Rowdy Wrestling. The developers of Golf Zero (Free) are advancing the formula first seen in Wrassling (Free) to a new level, by adding a ton of new moves and ridiculousness to go along with all the arm swinging and throwing of opponents out of the ring. Expect a new solo career mode to take up your time, along with tag-team modes. Feel like battling a bunch of wrestlers at once? Well, play the new royal rumble mode, along with a tag rumble mode!

There are over 55 wrestlers you can unlock, and 15 tag teams. Moves include overhand smashes, drop kicks, and steel chairs. Because of course there have to be steel chairs. This one will be free with ads and an IAP to suplex those advertisements into oblivion. Expect this one on July 19th for the App Store. If you’re on Android, you’ll hav ean interminable wait to get this one, as it releases on July 20th there. Oh whatever will we do?!