‘Clash Royale’ Update Brings Two New Cards and Eliminates Support for Older Devices

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Supercell updated Clash Royale (Free) with its Summer Update, bringing some new items, emotes, balance changes, and ending support for older devices. The two new cards include the Giant Snowball, which is ironic if you’re in the northern hemisphere. Not if you’re in the southern hemisphere, which is in winter time, which is just strange to comprehend. This thing is a two-elixir common that unlocks in Frozen Peak, because of course it does. You can launch it at enemies to do a bit of damage, slow them temporarily, and split up groups.

Meanwhile, the Royal Hogs are a five-elixir rare card in Hog Mountain. These are a group of wild hogs that run quickly toward the tower. You can still bait them as you do the Hog Rider, but with a bunch of them at once, they will be a bit trickier to get rid of than a single Hog Rider.

New emotes are here, featuring Princess and Goblin emotes. You can build a deck of emotes, up to eight at once, with blank slots during your game to tease you into filling those slots.

This unfortunately does come at a cost, with older iOS and Android devices no longer able to play the game after this update. Devices running iOS 8 and below and Android 4.0.4 can no longer play the game starting today. This came with a lack of notice for these players, which is unfortunate. But I could see a justification being made that if you don’t have the money to buy a modern phone, you probably aren’t spending money on the game. Also, there gets to be a certain point where it’s difficult to maintain an app that might need certain APIs that aren’t available in previous iOS versions. Or maybe somebody just snapped and decided they were tired of doing customer service for these old bricks.

Check out the official blog post with the full list of changes, including a bunch of changes to Clan Wars, and card rebalancing.

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