The Nintendo E3 Event is Now Streaming Live [Update: Now Over]

E3 so far has been… bananas. Between the Microsoft event which was just rapid firing new games at us to the Bethesda conference which not only had Fallout 76 but also Andrew frickin’ W.K. to Sony’s presentation last night that kicked off with a bang with that Last of Us 2 reveal, I’ve been blown away. All that’s left now is Nintendo’s presentation, which is starting right now. You can watch it by going to, or just by watching the embedded player below (Update: Stream is over, archive video is embedded instead.)

I’m really, really, really hoping for some sort of Animal Crossing game for the Switch, but there has been tons of rumblings about Fortnite also hitting the Switch. Additionally, the rumor mill is fairly certain that not only is Fortnite headed to the Switch, but during this press event Nintendo is going to do one of those, “…and it’s available right now on the eShop!" things.

I’m always ridiculously excited for the Nintendo streams as, well, they’re always the best for lifelong Nintendo fanboys like myself. If you’d like to spare yourself from the insanity of Twitch chat and come join us in Discord to chat about the stream live, our Discord link is and we’ve got a dedicated Nintendo Switch channel.