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‘Boost Arena’ is a ‘’-Style Destruction Derby Game with Slick Visuals that’s Launching June 28th

I’ve talked before about how the “.io" game craze that was spawned by the likes of and a couple of years ago has provided a seemingly infinite wave of similar simplistic multiplayer games, but for some reason they almost all look like crap. I mean the whole point of those games is the gameplay and so the graphics have been secondary by nature, but it’s nice when games look good AND play well, you know? It’s one of the reasons I’m really excited for Lucky Kat’s aerial dogfighting game Thunderdogs, as it brings that .io type of gameplay but in a super polished package. And now I can add another one to the list, as developer Squarehead Studios wants to take what Thunderdogs is doing in the air but bring it to the ground with their upcoming game Boost Arena.

As you can see, Boost Arena will have you frantically collecting “boost balls" and smashing open power-up crates before your opponents have a chance to snag them out from under you, and you’ll be able to take out those opponents both with special weaponry or good old fashioned physical contact. A destruction derby style of game seems like a perfect fit for the .io game formula, and as I’ve already alluded to I really appreciate when developers take the time to make these games look good visually. If Boost Arena has captured your attention as well, then you can click on this link on an iOS 11 device in order to pre-order the game in the App Store, but if the whole pre-ordering thing isn’t your, um, thing, then look for Boost Arena to arrive in the App Store on June 28th for free.