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‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Releases on iOS and Android on June 14th

Good news for those waiting for ARK: Survival Evolved to hit mobile: War Drum Studios and Studio Wildcard have a release date for the dinosaur survival game. On June 14th, the mobile version releases on iOS and Android. The mobile port is barely scaled down, with the same island from the original game, only the gameplay has been tweaked for a mobile-friendly experience, and also for the free-to-play business mdoel. Over 80 dinosaurs are in the game, and there is a whole crafting and building system to play around with, along with the ability to join Tribes. The game has been in beta for a couple of months, and now appears to be ready for worldwide release!

How will the game monetize itself? Well, there will be Ancient Amber, found throughout the island and available for purchase which will enable building certain special buildings, enables certain buffs, and can revive dead pet dinosaurs. You said he was on a farm upstate! Additionally, a Primal Pass subscription will remove ads, give players free gifts, and reserved server slots along with other unspecified benefits. While we’ll see how much the monetization affects the game, this looks like quite the impressive project for mobile, and I’m curious to check it out once it launches on June 14th.