SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘Framed Collection’, ‘Fairune Collection’, and New Switch Games

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for May 17th! Tomorrow is Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition day, so you have that to look forward to! Today, there’s a dozen new releases, because you needed a dozen new games, didn’t you. Nintendo’s next big original Switch title is Mario Tennis Aces, and if you want to try out the online gameplay, Nintendo’s running an online demo from June 1st to 3rd, with the demo available for download on May 24th. There will be a competitive bracket for the demo, with leaderboards up until can unlock Mario’s overalls in full version of the game.

Also, if you’re waiting for news about Call of Duty on Switch, nothing official yet. Still. Wonder if we’ll hear something about the rumored Battle Royale-only release (Which is called Blackout in Black Ops 4) at E3.

New Releases

Framed Collection ($8.99)

If you haven’t played a Framed game yet, I think this collection is a great place to start. I didn’t enjoy the first Framed because I thought it was a half-baked experience. As it turns out, Framed 2 winds up taking the interesting mechanics of rearranging comic book panels and makes the game a much more complete experience. Playing the games back to back, as one complete title, is bound to be way more rewarding than experiencing them separately. Yet, a lot of people including Hideo Kojima loved the first Framed, so maybe I’m wrong. But I think Framed 1 works better as the first half of a game where Framed 2 brings the whole damn experience home.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles ($26.99)

This open-world adventure game that lets you enjoy the “slow life" makes its way to Switch. Explore a beautiful island, meet strange creatures, deal with the Murk, build a farm. All that fun stuff. The original release got some mixed reviews, but it looks like a great game for those who want a more exploration-based experience from their open-world games.

Banner Saga 1 ($19.99)

One of the finest strategy-RPG series begins its conquest of the Switch. The entire trilogy (including the in-development third game) will release on Switch, and you’ll want to start here. The decisions you make will affect later games in the series. Regardless of whether you want to check out the sequels, you’ll get to enjoy a deep turn-based strategy game with fantastic animation if you pick this up.

Fairune Collection ($9.99)

From Skipmore, of Kamiko fame, and considering how well Kamiko did for being a charming pixel art game that was cheap near the Switch’s launch, people might have interest in more from Skipmore. This collection includes the original two Fairune action-RPGs from 3DS and mobile, a new game called Fairune Origin, and a shoot ’em up called Fairune Blast. I’m up for more Skipmore, for sure.

Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Super Burger Time ($6.99)

Flying Tiger Entertainment continues its collection of Data East titles, this time with an adaptation of the Burger Time sequel for Switch. Make your way through tricky levels, trying to make burgers for the people. Of course, if you want a crazy burger, you need to try the Sourvein from Kuma’s in Chicago, with a fried egg. Actually, please don’t do that, the Sourvein by itself will take years off your life. Put an egg on top, and you will literally die. So Super Burger Time is basically the same thing. Also, that S in the title makes it looks like it’s saying Super Borger Time.

Fox n Forests ($19.99)

Do you like 2D pixel platformers? Well, this one has a fox with a melee crossbow! You explore different seasons of the levels, with the ability to switch between seasons, and discover the secret of the fifth season. The pixel art looks cool in this one, and I dig the 16-bit style in general. Also, the game is a Kickstarter project that came to fruition in just a couple of years, and was only eight months late. Frankly, that’s a miracle for a Kickstarter project. Look, I’m implicating myself in this, but the video game industry has a massive problem with stated deadlines, don’t we?


I was worried that HAMSTER wasn’t going to release any games this week! Turns out HAMSTER can’t be stopped. They have only one this week, but if you like baseball, this is for you. This is the NeoGeo version of the NES’ Baseball Stars, unfortunately reducing some of the cool team creation features to adapt it to the NeoGeo’s arcade hardware, with only Versus and Tournament modes. Still, there are some unique teams to play as.

White Night ($14.99)

This is a monochrome survival-horror game from 2015 that’s now on Switch for the first time. Explore a 1930s mansion, and utilize both light and shadow to solve puzzles by collecting matches, and avoiding shadowy apparitions that would seek to destroy you. Because, look, you’re invading their mansion. There’s plenty of other nice, not-haunted houses out there. What’s so special about this one?

Invisiballs ($12.99)

This local multiplayer game has up to four players on a single screen, trying to navigate their invisible ball through a maze, to collect the golden artifact in order to win. The game makes its debut on the Switch, which seems like a smart call, as the portable nature of, and easily-attainable multiple controllers for, the Switch, make this the ideal platform for the game.

Ice Cream Surfer ($8.00)

The VeggieTales group has been getting away with its vile propaganda for far too long. Now is the time to surf the skies on a giant ice cream cone and defeat those ugly vegetables. Broccoli is for nerds.

SilverStarChess ($5.99)

It’s chess! You can play with the touchscreen, or with a Joy-Con for each player. There are AI opponents to take on, and the ability to see available moves. It seems extremely basic, especially when Ripstone’s Chess Ultra is delivering a ton of extra features, but maybe a basic chess game is what you want.

Never Stop ($4.99)

After Never Stop Sneakin’, it’s the prequel, just asking you to never stop. Ever. Don’t stop doing anything. Or in this game, you try to last as long as you can in levels where you can pull off multiple jumps and dives to avoid the walls and pits in your way.


Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition ($24.79 from $39.99 until May 21st)

I played the original Rayman on iOS when it got a port, and didn’t think the game was much worth the nostalgia, whatever it had. Great production values, but frustrating gameplay. Thankfully, the series has delivered on its promise, as Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends are fantastic 2D platformers with some of the best animation out there. If you haven’t checked out the second of the modern 2D Rayman games, there’s a nice sale here, not to mention the demo so you can judge for yourself!

De Mambo ($6.49 from $12.99 until May 18th)

This one’s been on sale for a bit but we just haven’t been able to fit it into the column. It goes off sale really soon, so if you want this game of local multiplayer combat in a unique, chaotic environment, do so before the sale ends at some vague point tomorrow on the 18th!

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