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‘Castle Pals’ is a Freaking Adorable Multi-Character Platformer Coming June 28th

Indie developer Brad Erkkila, who you probably know from such solo releases as It’s a Space Thing (Free) and FlipChamps Reloaded (Free) as well as collaborations with Colin Lane like Touchdowners (Free) and Golf Zero (Free), is readying his next mobile release, an adorable platformer called Castle Pals. It features two different characters that each have their own set of unique abilities, and you’ll need to swap back and forth between them in order to make it through the dangerous Castle Pookapick. First up is Owen who sports one of those propellar beanie hats which as well all know gives him the ability to float around a level. Then there’s Kylee, who boasts all sorts of cool offensive karate moves for taking out enemies. See them both do their thing in the trailer for Castle Pals.

So, some of you hardcore Brad Erkkila fans out there are probably thinking “Hey, this game seems familiar!" That’s because it’s sort of a follow-up to one of Erkkila’s previous games called Owen’s Odyssey ($1.99) which launched way back in 2014. That game used Owen’s helicopter hat ability to create more of a Flappy Bird-esque take on a platforming game, and it was pretty darn fun. Well, Owen is Brad Erkkila’s son in real life, and for years now he’s been promising Owen’s friend Kaylee that he’d put them both into a game together. Thus the Castle Pals were born! Must be cool to have such an awesome dad. While Castle Pals looks right up my alley anyway, knowing that little bit of extra backstory definitely warms my heart. If you like the look of this one as well then grab Castle Pals when it hits the App Store next month on June 28th.