TouchArcade is Officially the Number One Mobile Gaming Website

ICO Partners recently released free access to a 2017 report they did, documenting media coverage of mobile games in 2016. And guess who came out number one in terms of mobile media impact? It was us: we’re number one, compared to all of English/French/Italian/German/Spanish media. We wrote about mobile far more than anyone else in the EFIGS regions on the planet. Though, a shout out to, who don’t cover mobile exclusively, but apparently cover it to such a degree that they’re only behind us in terms of mobile coverage. I’ve ranted about mainstream gaming media not properly covering mobile for years, and this Spanish site is showing how it’s done. Respek knuckles.

What’s crazy about this report is that it shows just how much Pokemon GO (Free) was covered back in 2016. Sites covered the game to such a degree that ICO Partners had to show graphs without Pokemon GO just to put in perspective how big it was in 2016. New hit game, plus recognizable license equaled a ton of coverage, and not just from mobile sites, but from the industry as a whole: it wound up being worth everyone’s while to cover the game. Also, publications were able to get in on the ground floor with covering the game , as opposed to discovering it too late, like even with Clash Royale (Free), where mobile sites knew the soft launch happened. And that’s likely why it’s such an outlier.

Regardless of all that, this all goes to show that we’re cranking out more coverage about mobile games than anyone else. It’s ridiculous. Be sure to support our Patreon so we can keep up the hard work. Just stay away from the Chicago area: this news has caused Eli’s ego to inflate to unstable levels.