SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘Don’t Die, Mr. Robot DX’, ‘Nihilumbra’, Raw Fury Spring Sale, and More

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for May 3rd, where we’re talking about today’s Nintendo Switch news, new releases, and sales! Tomorrow is only going to see Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze hit the eShop. Or at least, that’s all we know about. Imagine not only deciding to release your new game against Nintendo’s latest, but also not announcing it on the Coming Soon page. I’m sure some madman developer has come up with this idea! I’m curious to see who it is tomorrow! Until then, enjoy today’s news, nine new releases, and a crazy Raw Fury spring sale!


Runner3 announces cameo character appearances

Choice Provisions revealed the characters making cameo appearances in Runner3 this month, in a blog post written by Dant Rambo (who was the lead on the awesome Woah Dave and Space Dave). You’ll be able to do your endless running as Shovel Knight, Eddie Riggs from Brutal Legend, and The Narrator from the Runner series. Seriously.

Death Road to Canada gets new release date

As covered on the main site earlier, Death Road to Canada will hit the Switch on May 8th. The game was delayed because of the van murders in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. While Death Road to Canada is about killing zombies and technically doesn’t even take place in Canada, a game with Canada in the title, where a vehicle drives in, often running over zombies as it enters or leaves, is s one of those associations that’s best avoided by a publisher with an otherwise non-controversial game. So folks had to wait a few more weeks for this wonderful and wacky experience on the Switch, but the wait ends on May 8th.

Switch Pro Controller works in Steam in beta client

Swapping devices between Bluetooth-enabled devices is annoying in general, but if you want to use your Switch Pro Controller on Steam, a future client update will let you do that. The functionality is currently in beta, but you can use every button on the Switch, including the motion controls, with games on the system. Start using gyro controls with first-person shooters, perhaps?

New Releases

Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! DX ($8.99)

The developer of Rogue Aces brings its previous game, about keeping a yellow square robot alive while chaos is all around him, was a lot of fun on the Vita and on mobile, and now it’s on Switch. This version boasts improved visuals, making the chaos even glowier and better than ever.

Timberman Vs. ($1.39 launch sale)

This was, for a short while, a massive mobile game. One of the biggest around. Now it’s on the Switch, and it throws in four-player wood-chopping action. Of course, your goal is to still just chop on the correct side of the tree constantly, but it’s a frantic concept that still works quite well! The multiplayer mode has players competing to complete runs as quickly as possible, racking up the wins. Plus, there are all sorts or character skins to unlock, and three different modes. For a couple bucks (and a 30% off launch sale!) that’s quite the deal.

Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Sly Spy ($6.99)

Come on Johnny Turbo, I know you have that Data East license. Give me that Side Pocket already. This arcade shooter has you playing as a secret agent with a golden gun that’s totally not James Bond. No, seriously, because Secret Agent Sly is American. Plus, he uses a jetpack. And occasionally harpoons people underwater.

Nihilumbra ($7.99)

Glad to see this on the Switch, I loved this game back in…2012?! No kidding, this game is six years old already? This puzzle-platformer tasks you to constantly outrun the encroaching Void, using different elemental colors to affect the environment and continue to advance. If you never played this on mobile or on one of the other platforms the game wound up on, now ‘s the time to check out this great game from BeautiFun.

Japanese Mah-Jongg ($5.00)

I mean, it’s pretty much what the title says. It has two player support on the same screen, too? I don’t know what else you want me to say about this.

Professional Construction: The Simulation ($39.99)

Developers are making my job easy today. Again, this is pretty much exactly what the title says: it’s a simulator game where you get to operate heavy construction equipment and mostly just repair roads and dig up foundations. But still, heavy construction equipment!

Cast of the Seven Godsends ($12.99)

This game looks a lot like Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, but with physics that are far more fluid and not designed to make you rip your hair out! Because, seriously, the physics in Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts are ridiculously difficult to play with.This looks pretty cool, but it also reminds me of that PSP Ghouls ‘n Ghosts game I need to play more. Maybe I need to bug my friend that I loaned my PSP to in order to get it back. Or maybe emulate it in RetroArch, or something like that.

Perfect Angle ($9.99)

This game of 3D optical illusions originally released on mobile, but is now on Switch. You have to rotate the camera in just the right way to ‘solve’ the illusion. It’s amazing how many of these mobile games are suddenly appearing on Switch after their time on mobile. Hopefully this game does well on the Switch, because it’s rather stylish.

L.F.O. -Lost Future Omega- ($7.99)

Sadly, this isn’t a game based on the band LFO and their hit song “Summer Girls." Did you know the lead singer of the band died? Sorry to bring your day down? Instead, this is a trippy, neon-centric shooter, with the slogan “Music x Light x Shooting = Happy!" Frankly, how can I argue against that? This one released on the Japanese eShop in 2017, but now gamers in the west can check it out for themselves.

Raw Fury Sale Madness!

Publisher Raw Fury put a bunch of their cool games on sale! They’re running a spring sale on every single platform! While their entire library isn’t on Switch (if Nintendo’s approving Gal-Gun 2 then they can allow the f-bomb-filled Tormentor x Punisher), their four games that are on Switch are all on sale!

Dandara ($11.24 from $14.99)

Long Hat House’s fantastic Metroidvania is perhaps perfect on the Switch, because it gives you a fantastic array of control options: you can use either touchscreen or gamepad controls comfortably. This one’s rather challenging, but I love the concept of launching from safe landing spot to the next one. Be warned: the game definitely is stingy with the checkpoints. Be careful, my friends.

Gonner ($6.49 from $9.99 until May 9th)

This is an abstract run ‘n gun game with roguelike elements where you make your way through as many levels as possible, trying to rack up high scores. Also, you will die a lot. There is a daily level mode, which I appreciate, and plenty of secrets to uncover. Maybe have some patience with this one – I’ve played it on my Shield TV of all devices, and it takes a bit to get used to the game.

Kingdom: New Lands ($9.74 from $14.99 until May 9th)

You have to protect your kingdom from the foes who would come at night and raid you, so you must build up your defenses and expand your lands as far out as possible. You do this all from on top of your horse, running around in what is really a one-dimensional world since you can only go left and right, spending your coins wisely on defenses and other items that can help protect and expand your reign. This is a gem where you have to discover things for yourself, so again, be patient and be willing to experiment!

Uurnog Uurnlimited ($9.74 from $14.99)

It’s not Unlimited, it’s Uurnlimited. This Metroidvania, with award-winning algorithmic music, has you running around and stealing animals, because of reasons. This game has Metroidvania/pathfinder elements, and co-op play! That’s not something you see in this genre often! Really, this game has a lot that you don’t see in this genre. And that algorithmic music is really cool. Consider this one at this sale price, for sure.

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