Creepy Survival Horror Game ‘Lazaretto’ Makes Its Way from Steam to iOS

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It didn’t quite make it in time for our weekly roundup of new games, but developer Iron Monkey has just launched their creepy survival horror game Lazaretto ($1.99) on the App Store this morning. I’m not really a horror game type of person, but I checked out the trailer for Lazaretto and it really caught my attention. This game seems really twisted. You play as an “urban explorer" who goes poking around an abandoned island that was used to quarantine sick and mentally ill people. Fun fact: That is actually the definition of what a lazaretto is! As you can probably imagine, things aren’t all rainbows and unicorns on this abandoned island of death. As you explore and dig further into the mystery of what’s going on, all sorts of freaky and scary stuff happens. Check out the trailer.

One of the neat aspects of Lazaretto is that there’s no combat in the game. Not that you won’t be put into some seriously dangerous situations, but beating up on the creepy ghouls you come across is not an option, so you’ll have to use your brain and your surroundings to figure out how to make it out alive. This is also intended as a really immersive experience, so you’ll probably want to pop on some nice headphones and curl up in the dark before sitting down to play this one. Lazaretto was originally released on Steam about a year ago, and has had a positive reception over there, so even though I’m not really a horror game type of guy I’m definitely interested in checking this one out based on how interesting it sounds. You can grab the iOS version with the link below and drop by the forum thread to leave your thoughts about it.

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