‘Choppa’ Second Anniversary Update Includes New Choppers, New Controls, and iPhone X Support

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I’m constantly baffled by how quickly time seems to fly by in the world of mobile gaming. Just over two years ago Parta Games launched their Choplifter-inspired helicopter rescue game Choppa (Free) on the App Store, and to me it feels like that was just yesterday. However, here we are, and in those two years since its release Parta has added all sorts of great new features to Choppa including a fun survival mode in its last major update from this past September. Now to celebrate this two year milestone, a final content update for Choppa has been released. In it you’ll find two brand new choppas: One a UFO and one a *checks notes* vacuum cleaner? Well, that sounds pretty cool to me! Here’s the Choppa launch trailer in case you’ve never seen it in action.

In addition to the two new choppas, this anniversary update also includes a new virtual joystick control option, which is something players have been asking for for a VERY long time. Better late than never! This update also includes support for the full screen of the iPhone X, which as I’m sure everyone knows by now makes me a very happy boy. While it’s sad there’s no more content updates planned for Choppa as Parta continues work on their next release, there’s more than enough content here already to keep even the most voracious helicopter rescue enthusiasts busy for a very long time. If you haven’t played Choppa before then don’t hesitate to give the free download a shot and drop by the forum thread for many more impressions or to leave your own thoughts about the game.

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