‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Celebrates Golden Week with a New Legendary Hero, Double Rewards, Free Orbs, and More

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For those living outside of Japan (which I’d guess is most of our readers), this is pretty much an average, ordinary week. But if you live in Japan, you’ll know this fantastic week as Golden Week, a time of the year where a cluster of holidays leads to most of, if not an entire, week off. It’s a time to travel, a time to treat yourself with some new goodies, and a time for some pretty sweet sales. In an increasingly small digital world, those sales are more and more frequently popping up across the globe. Players of Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes (Free) can reap the rewards of the holidays no matter where they live, for example.

Nintendo planned a bunch of cool things for Golden Week this time around, with some of them already underway and others only just kicking off. Extra summoning orbs can be earned every day just by logging in, and new special maps have been added daily to help you earn a couple more orbs on top of that. Some special Golden Week quests offer a bunch of different items in exchange for completing certain tasks, and all experience points and SP are doubled for the duration of the holidays.

Today brings a new summoning event that introduces a new variant of popular character Lyn. She’s Lyn: Lady of the Wind, and she’s bringing an assortment of other great limited-time heroes from past events with her. The appearance rates of these valuable characters has been boosted for the time being, so if you’ve been saving up some orbs, this is a good way to blow them. If that’s not enough, tomorrow sees the launch of the next Grand Conquests event. Battle against other players in massive maps and pick up tons of goodies, including a new hero, Kaze: Easygoing Ninja. The developers have made a few tweaks based on feedback from the first Grand Conquests event, so it should be even more fun.

There are lots of other events going on that aren’t specifically connected to Golden Week, so there’s plenty to do if you choose to play Fire Emblem Heroes right now. But really, isn’t a chance at adding a new version of Lyn to your roster worth logging in all on its own? At least, that’s what the internet tells me, and the internet surely wouldn’t lie. At any rate, even if Golden Week isn’t a thing where you’re at, you might as well enjoy the fruits of it. Free orbs are free orbs, after all.

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