‘Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy’ Released on Android by Noodlecake

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Good news for Android owners who have been waiting for Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy ($4.99) to launch on their platform of choice: Noodlecake just released their Android port onto Google Play. This popular game of trying to climb a mountain as a guy in a kettle with a giant hammer has inspired plenty of angry reactions from those who saw much of their hard-earned progress fall by the wayside when they messed up, because Bennett Foddy (of QWOP fame) is here to hurt you. Seriously, he tells you that.

There have been plenty of clones of Getting Over It on all kinds of platforms after the game’s initial release in the Humble Monthly Bundle, eventually seeing release on Steam and iOS. But few games have the kind of philosophical viewpoint (with narration by the developer himself) that Getting Over It has, rather just trying to replicate the frustration aspect of the game without asking why it is the way it is. Streamer and YouTuber gaming culture was a big part of the experience, as the game’s lack of checkpoints and high degree of difficulty leads to some over-the-top reactions.

I think Android is an ideal platform for Getting Over It to release on. You see, Android devices are often a lot cheaper than their Apple counterparts. What with the availability of capable low-cost hardware, and the price deprecation that happens with many Android phones, that means that if you throw your phone to the ground, or against a wall, it’s easy to replace. And Getting Over It, a game specifically designed to frustrate and taunt you as you try to conquer its extremely difficult challenge. But fret not: as you learn to master it, you can even speedrun it. At this point, you have become a gaming god, and will ascend straight to Valhalla. Or, you’re stuck in gaming hell and the only thing that will satisfy you is another torture-fest from the twisted mind of Bennett Foddy. One or the other, y’know.

Check out Getting Over It right now on Google Play, and maybe make sure your phone has a nice protective case for when you suffer a humiliating downfall?

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