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Flying Eyeball Adventure ‘Witcheye’ Gets a Ton of New Animated Gifs, Shooting for Release this Year

Back in early December of last year, we came across a lovely looking upcoming game called Witcheye from developer Peter Malamud Smith, who previously released the Satellina series on mobile and co-developed the critically-acclaimed “lost" 8-bit NES game The Great Gatsby back in 2011. So retro-style games are this developer’s bag, and Witcheye looked to follow that trend. You play as a witch who can transform into a flying eyeball, hence the name of the game, and you’ll fly around levels bashing into enemies and huge boss characters to defeat them. Witcheye looked great when we initially posted about it, then this past February the developer released a ton of new animated gifs showing off more of the game. Today he has done the same, and a couple of the new animations you can see below.

There are LOADS more gifs in the game’s forum thread if you want to see some more of Witcheye, and the developer has also posted a bit of a status update on where the game is currently at. Right now he’s going through the earlier levels doing playtesting and polishing, and hopes to do the same with the later levels over the course of the next couple of months with the summertime being reserved for thoroughly testing the entire game and writing the soundtrack and then finally putting the finishing touches on the game in the fall. That leaves the door open for a release before the end of the year, but as game development is a fickle beast, that’s not a guarantee, just a rough roadmap. Whatever the case we’ll be looking forward to more progress on Witcheye throughout this year.